Paulina Czapska


functions performed in the faculty structures:

Paulina Czapska studied journalism and social communication (University of Warsaw: specialisation in reportage; SPWS: specialisation in image creation). She completed studies at the School for Coaches and Trainers at the Jagiellonian University and Erickson College, and the School for Solution-Focused Therapies. For over ten years, Czapska has been involved with the NGO sector. She has managed a number of socio-cultural programmes and initiatives, and edited and co-authored publications on socio-cultural animation and education (including the first textbook in Poland for young female artists entering the job market). A practising coach, trainer and therapist, Czapska is a member of the Polish Society for Therapists and Solution-Focused Therapies. She specialises in work in the field of communication, interpersonal skills, emotions and motivation. She creates and runs original training programmes and offers coaching for organisations and individual clients. She designs innovative tools for developing employee potential and is the founder of the Future Simple collective.