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About Faculty of New Media Art

The New Media Art Department of PJAIT was established in 2005 in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. It is a unique faculty on a national scale that combines art classes with learning to use modern information technologies. In 2010, the Faculty of New Media Art of PJATK, as the third university in Poland – next to the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and Krakow – became a member of CUMULUS – an international association associating the best art schools from around the world. In 2017, the Central Commission for Scientific Degrees and Titles granted the SNM PJAIT Faculty the right to confer doctoral degrees in the field of fine arts.

The Faculty of New Media Arts conducts 1st and 2nd degree studies in the field of Graphics and 1st degree studies in the field of Interior Architecture.

The curriculum implemented at the Faculty of New Media Arts allows students to obtain thorough theoretical and practical knowledge both in selected areas of computer technology applications and the basics of artistic education. IT subjects include elements of such areas as: the basics of algorithmics, computer operation, software engineering, multimedia, computer graphics and animation, three-dimensional modeling. Theoretical and practical knowledge is complemented by practical skills acquired in IT laboratories. In the field of visual arts, great importance is attached to visual forms, which is why students study drawing, composition, painting, classical animation, photography and the art of cinematography. They will become acquainted with the implementation of short film forms, in particular special effects made in 3D techniques and computer animation. The aim of art subjects is to sensitize the student to art. Particular emphasis was placed on this aspect, because the image is the most important element in both computer animation and computer games.

Studies at the Faculty of New Media Arts are interdisciplinary studies, combining general and specialist knowledge in the areas of:

– artistic education in the field of plastic arts – students gain comprehensive knowledge in the field of plastic arts. They learn the basic issues of composition, painting and drawing;

– graphics – the study program covers the basic concepts of design graphics, which in educating students gives the concept of knowledge of the contemporary design language on the plane and in the intermedia space. Particular emphasis is placed on familiarizing students with applications for creating and designing as well as with the principles of preparing the resulting images for distribution through various channels of communication;

-informatics – students receive thorough theoretical and methodological knowledge and acquire practical skills in the following areas: computer operation, multimedia, web design, organization and project management, administration of management information systems, creation of user-friendly functional graphic and multimedia interfaces.


Since 2013, the University has been conducting a full-time study path in English at the Faculty of New Media Art – Graphics. These studies are equivalent to studies in Polish, the staff are PJAIT teachers, as well as invited guests (visiting professors) from art universities cooperating with PJAIT from all over the world. The Faculty educates students in the field of modern multimedia information design, using new computer technologies, based on traditional artistic and aesthetic values ​​developed in the development of Polish culture. Constant contact with Japanese culture and art, internationalization of studies and access to high technologies allow to broaden knowledge and develop the ability of intercultural communication, as well as acquire competences in the field of social interaction.