Marek Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk

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Dr Marek Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk studied at the Faculty of Painting at ASP in Warsaw. He defended his diploma from Prof. Wiesław Szamborski’s easel painting studio in 2000, attaining the rector’s award of distinction. The author of over 20 solo exhibitions, Dr Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk is regularly invited to exhibit at national and international festivals: at the 20th Festival of Contemporary Polish Painting in Szczecin, he won the West-Pomeranian Voivodship Award (2004); he won third place at the 2nd Warsaw Fine Arts Festival (2006). In 2006, he participated in “Warsaw in Sophia” and “Warsaw in Berlin. Contemporary Polish Painting”, the 4th International Art Biennale in Costa Rica, and in “New Trends in Polish Painting” at Galeria Miejska in Bydgoszcz. In 2007, his work featured at the 37th “Bielska Jesień” Painting Biennale and the “Quadro-art 2007” International Biennale in Łódź. In 2007, the quarterly journal Exit awarded him their annual award for New Art in Poland “for the consistency in his original works, his unique language of expression and for the hope that his paintings give, that in the modern era there remains a place for painting in that most traditional sense of the word”. Dr Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk has also received a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Fund for the Promotion of Artistic Work. In 2009, he was awarded the “Service to Polish Culture” medal by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Bogdan Zdrojewski for his artistic output and for his achievements in the field of art education. In 2014, Dr Ejsmond-Ślusarczyk attained his doctorate in Fine Arts.