Krzysztof Kalinowski

dr inż.

functions performed in the faculty structures:
Lecturer, Member of the Program Council 2018-2023, Member of the Commission for the Quality of Education in the field of Graphics, Member of the Faculty Council

Dr Krzysztof Kalinowski is someone who straddles the boundary of two worlds: computer science and art. This is evidenced by his education: a master’s degree in computer science (systems programming, management, multimedia and artificial intelligence), and a doctor in fine arts. His chief passion is 3D graphic arts, and the elements of creating computer game worlds. In his capacity as a lecturer of almost twenty years, and supervisor of countless theses, Dr Kalinowski endeavours to pass on this passion to his colleagues. “My desire is to function on the intersection of two worlds: art and modern multimedia technologies. To that end, I look for those possibilities for expressions which seem to connect both of these worlds: modern technology (as a tool) and art (as a means of expression). In my work I try to build a bridge connecting these two, seemingly disparate realities.”