Jakub Karpoluk

dr (nauki o sztuce)

functions performed in the faculty structures:

Dr Jakub Karpoluk is a specialist in Japanese Studies, an art historian and culture expert. He is senior lecturer at the Faculty of Japanese Culture and Faculty of New Media Art at PJAIT, and lecturer at the PAN Institute of Art. The heart of Dr Karpoluk’s research interests are Japanese film and theatre, visual arts and the issues connected with research methods in the field of art education. He received his master’s degree from the MISH College at the University of Warsaw and his doctorate from the PAN Institute of Art. He received scholarships from both the Japan Foundation and IS PAN and studied at Wasedo University in Tokyo. He learned Japanese traditional nō theatre acting at schools in Kanze, Kita and Shimogakari Hōshō. An art project curator, Dr Karpoluk has collaborated with many institutions, including: the Manggha Centre in Krakow, the Royal Łazienki Museum, the National Frederic Chopin Institute and the National Film Archive. He has produced and starred in theatre productions in Poland, Japan and Germany (e.g. Teatr Wielki – National Polish Opera, Studio Theatre and Shakespearean Theatre). For many years he has collaborated with the Tessenkai Theatre in Tokyo. The author of many academic publications, Dr Karpoluk has spoken at numerous conferences and is an active member of both national and international academic associations.