Connections, is an exhibition that summarises Welcoming Spaces, an international research project. The main aim was to visualise migration and local development of 5 cities in Europe:
Camini, Italy
Altenburg, Germany
Talayuela, Spain
Łomża, Poland
Bedum, Netherlands

This project attempts to bridge the revitalisation of shrinking cities while also offering a welcoming space for migrants.

The research in 2022 was performed as workshops, during which the citizens documented welcoming and unwelcoming places with photography. The project used the photovoice research method, in which the participants take photographs of aforementioned places, then analyse and discuss them to raise awareness on potential issues. This method allows to spot local community problems, understand them and possibly find better solutions for the future. Furthermore, each person prepared a mental map of their city, with the use of 5 colours associated with particular emotions, all of which has helped pick suitable photos.

Our academy took part as a partner during workshops in Łomża by joining forces with the research group from SGH (Warsaw School of Economics). Joel Hauck, together with a group of New Media Arts students, formed a technical support team and helped to organise the cameras as well as conducted a photography introduction lesson for the participants. The students also helped with the translation of non-polish citizens.

Joel Hauck
Kamila Różańska
Viktoriia Kaminska
Ivan Tsimchyshyn
Dzmitry Pisarchyk

Marta Pachocka
Joanna Popławska
Dominik Wach

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