Maciej Miąsik


functions performed in the faculty structures:

One of the pioneers of the Polish video game industry, Maciej Miąsik is a games designer, programmer, producer and sound technician. The co-creator of Electro Body, one of Poland’s first commercial PC games, Miąsik worked on the first ever Polish game (Fire Fight) for Electronic Arts. In the early 2000s he created a series of adventure games featuring real actors, which conquered games markets around the globe. Miąsik was the head of production for the first part of The Witcher series. He is currently working on creating small-scale indie projects for the Pixel Crow studio, and he is also involved in education related to his field of work. He is the commercial programme director for educational courses in Games Development — Game Dev School — which have been organised since 2014. Since 2012, Miąsik has been teaching Video Game Creation (a course which he co-created) at PJAIT and the Warsaw Film School. A member of GIC and Digital Dragons, he has been an independent expert to the Executive Agency for Education, Culture and Audio-visual Sector in Brussels.