Chie Piskorska


functions performed in the faculty structures:

Chie Piskorska graduated from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. She received her diploma in Russian Studies, specialising in religious philosophy. She came to Poland in 1997 and, since completing her studies in Interior Design, she has worked as a spatial designer, stylist and florist. At the Faculty of Interior Design at PJAIT, Piskorska gives lectures on Japanese Culture (architecture, interiors, gardens) and the Aesthetics of Japan to full-time and part-time students. She also teaches at the Department of Japanese Culture at PJAIT, where she teaches “Aesthetics and design in Japanese Culture”. In addition to her work at PJAIT, she regularly teaches classes at SGH. Piskorska has developed her passion for textile production by starting her own label “MakiMaki — from Japan, made in Poland”. She is the originator and organiser of the Bunkasai Autumn Festival of Japanese Arts, which this year will feature an exhibition entitled “New Japanism”, in collaboration with our Academy.