Duration of the exhibition: 15.-20. November 2022

The exhibition Moving-Poetry-Mainz in the Lux shows multimedia interpretations of texts by Lina Atfah and Barbi Marković, which were created by students of the Time-Based Media course. Lina Atfah and Barbi Marković are scholarship holders of the Künstlerhaus Rheinland-Pfalz and come from different backgrounds, with a different relationship to literary German. In the exhibition, the texts are given new forms of expression via new audiovisual forms of staging such as film, animation or sound processing for a poetic and at the same time strong view of being German – with the call for a possible discussion of terms such as “migration and flight” or “preservation of Distance or living culture of welcome Europe?”

Media works from the Time-Based Media course will be presented by Andrés Acosta Blaschitz, Katharina Bloch, Lara Bölsche, Zoe Branczyk, Daniel Czepluch, Jonas-Danilo Fehr, Lena Frings, Marie Gall, Paula Gerharz, Maik Gossen, Melissa Guidi, Lan Joo, Maja Korn , Max Lambrecht, Lena Höll, Franziska Moede, Sarah Parvanta, Hannah von Peinen, Paulina Reinecke, Elena Reger, Simon Spieske, Sophie Stein, Lea Vassalos.

Artistic direction
Prof. Anja Stöffler in cooperation with Hans Thill (director of the Künstlerhaus Edenkoben) and Prof. Holger Reckter. 
A cooperation between the Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the Rhineland-Palatinate Artists’ House in Edenkoben and the Rhineland-Palatinate Foundation for Culture.

Guest contributions
Olga Kulish 
Monika Marek-Lucka
Kamila Różańska
Contribution from our partner university Polish-Japanese Academy for Computertechnology, Warsaw

Amelie Bendheim
Gustav Haese
Susanne Maier-Staufen
Stephanie Maskos
Kerstin Rüther
Hendrik Schneider
Ina Weckop
A galactic journey to Stanisław Lem 
Lyriklabor eV, Mainz
Animation short films for children and adults 
from 6 years
compiled by 
Katrin Pilz and Ina Werner (ZDF)

accompanying program


What are things telling us?
Poetic art workshop with Rieke Köster
Saturday 19 November
10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Admission from 10 a.m

Hand lettering
with Monika Marek-Lucka
Wednesday, November 16, 
9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m