On Wednesday 7 December 2022, at 19:00 in Laboratory Theatre Space (the Grotowski Institute) will be held Kairos/καιρός Performance/installation by Monika Wachowicz. Dr Jakub Karpoluk, a lecturer at the Faculty of New Media Art, participates in the project.

Kairos is a place where things touch each other on many levels without infringing on any of the coexisting parts. It is like the Anchiskhati Basilica in Tbilisi where the flutter of wings and tears falling from the sky can be heard and where everything is real because I believe in what comes from inside me. When I think of this place, I touch the air with my fingertips, I draw the words now always with my breath.

Link to the event: https://grotowski-institute.pl/wydarzenia/kairosκαιρός/