Kaja Modzelewska

“Letting go. Chance as a Creative Strategy”. The visual side of a play “Friend”

An effect of a collaboration between students of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw and the Theatre Academy.

Bartosz Wyszyński

This thesis is my attempt to create an assessment of current masculinity and males in Western society. This work aims to be a map for those who want to start a conversation about masculinity by gathering information on historical and contemporary sex and gender theories, representation in pop culture and art, power structures, masculinity crisis, the duality of man in a form of modern and traditional masculinity, and men’s issues. This research serves as the foundation for an attempt to remark on restricting notions of conventional masculinity through an interactive exhibition consisting of eight interactive systems and an audio-video installation.

my portfolio can be found here: www.wysz.bar
and my instagram page is where I try to keep my audience up to date : @cardinal.mov”

Sofiia Momot

“My diploma project is a short animated movie “Zapad I Wostok”, which actually means “East and West”. This is an animated autobiography where I am sharing my own story. That’s why it is personal and honest. My thesis is  Animation as a Means of Self-Expression: A Personal Journey”. And it is closely connected to my practical part.”

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