Diploma process
for students of Graphics in english


Upcomming defence dates

Summer semester

  • July 13-16th, 2021
  • September 14-17th, 2021

Winter semester

  • February 2022

>> If you are a 6th semester BA / 4th semester MA student and you are not ready to defend in first available date. Apply for postponement of defence to the next date, by submitting document with agreement from all supervisors. email: sekretariat-snm@pja.edu.pl

Diploma rewiev

On the English-language path, we organize a diploma review at the end of every semester

During diploma rewiev students of the 2nd and 3rd year BA and 1st and 2nd year MA, present the progress and action plan for the next semester.

Before defence process. Remember:

  • check if You have all grades in Gakko (Deanery -> OY)
  • check your balance (Deanery -> Fees)
  • return all books to library
  • that diploma should be accepted by all supervisors before submission to Secretary office

Defence process:

  1. Student submits thesis to theoretical  supervisor for final corrections (at five weeks before defence)
  2. Student submits thesis to language  supervisor for final corrections (at least three weeks before defence)
  3. Main supervisor creates thesis in Gakko 
  4. Student is choosing number and language of diploma and supplements (Diploma exam -> thesis -> click on yours)
  5. Student delivers diploma to Secretary Office (C10, back entrance)
  6. All other formalities are processed by Secretary Office 
    • Clearance slip (Bibliotheque, Main office – Deanery, Accountancy, Secretary office),
    • Reviews from three supervisors and reviewer,
    • Documents needed for defence (grades report, protocol and others).
  7. Student sends all parts of diploma to supervisors and reviewer
  8. Defence trial 
  9. Defence exam 
  10. After defence, student collects diploma from Main Office – Deanery (not sooner that 30 days after defence)    email: dziekanat@pja.edu.pl
What does defense exam look like?
  • The leader of the defense committee reads the candidate and asks to start the presentation.
  • Presentation of the project (max. 15 min) 
    • Idea
    • Supervisors
    • Presenatation of diploma
    • Result of research, an artistic project – course, difficulties, changes, decisions, including IT, final result, conclusion
  • Opinions are expressed by promoters – about the course and quality of cooperation
  • The promoters take turns asking questions. Each student gets 3 questions and has to answer all of them. 
  • Questions from the observers (not assessed)
  • The defender leaves room
  • Supervisors share their opinion
  • Assessment
  • The student returns
  • Announcement of the results
Can i send documents via post?

Yes, but you have to send few days in advance

Who can be reviewer?

Minimum doctor / if master, only with the consent of the faculty council / all must have an university account with in advance to review

Who are the people that are going to evaluate and grade our diplomas?

Your supervisors (3) and additional reviewer (1)

Can i choose defence date?

No, the dates are predetermined.

Can i defend online?

Yes due to covid situation we are trying to make you feel safe and comfortable, inform Secretary office about your online defence.

How long is defence?

40-45 minutes

Would our grades be attached to the Bachelor's degree diploma?

Not exactly diploma, but diploma supplement has all your subjects, grades and hours