Roman Banaszewski

prof. dr hab.

functions performed in the faculty structures:

Prof. Roman Banaszewski is a painter and graphic artist who has been active in education since 1961. He taught Book and Typography Graphic Design workshops at ASP in Krakow. A two-time head of the Faculty for Graphic Design, Prof. Banaszewski has also served as a vice-rector for student affairs. He has continuous involvement in graphic art workshops, graphic design, drawing and painting. Prof. Banaszewski has maintained longstanding cooperation with galleries in Poland and abroad. His work can be found in both private collections and in museum collections, including: the National Museums in Warsaw and Krakow; the Museum of Art, Łódź; the National Museum, Poznań; the National Museum, Tokyo; the Gallery of Art, Oslo; the Pratt Institute, New York; the Gallery of Art, Geneva; the Library of Congress, Washington; the New Darmstadt Secession, Darmstadt; the Hessisches Parlamenthaus, Bonn; the Kappler Gallery, Darmstadt; Art & Design, Burgfeld. For his artistry, Prof. Banaszewski has received a Golden Laureate, the Knight’s Cross, the Honoris Gratia, and the bronze medal for Services to Culture “Gloria Artis”.