Rafał Masłyk

mgr inż.

functions performed in the faculty structures:
Technical Promoter, Member of the Program Council 2018-2023, Deputy Chairman of the Commission assessing the results of post-graduate students at the Faculty of New Media Arts

Graduated at Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology. An Engineering degree at Multimedia specialization, Master of Science at multi specialization: Software Engineering, Business Process and Data Bases. From year 2008, he works in the New Media Arts department. First course was focused on vector graphics. After a while he starts to work at Typography lab. His main goal there is to make a technical support. Right now he develop his skills in game development process helping students get familiar with game dev and game design. He is the author of few book compositions and albums. There are artistic and commercial products. For a many years he worked as a DTP specialist in a different agencies. In free time he designs and develop lots of different printed publications.