Marcin Drabek


functions performed in the faculty structures:

A culture expert, communication strategist and photographer, Marcin Drabek graduated in Cultural Studies from the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Studies at the University of Wrocław (2008). He is the author of many articles and lectures on visual culture, advertising and the social aspects of new media. Drabek has participated in research projects on the urban iconosphere (“The Unseen City”, UAM 2008-2012) and media competencies (ICM UW 2013-2014). Drabek adds a practical dimension to his interest in the theory of communication and, for over ten years, he has been engaged in market research and advertising communication. He has worked with a number of agencies (Pentor RI, IQS, PMR and Ars Thanea) and supported the work of the Contemporary Poland Foundation in the areas of media education and unrestricted access to Polish cultural achievements. He is currently working with an independent marketing agency, Clipatize, where he is creating communication strategies for start-ups and large global brands in the business to business marketing field. At PJAIT, Drabek gives classes on advertising psychology, where he tries to combine professional experience and theoretical knowledge. He values honesty and the ability to ask probing questions.