Kinga Garnette-Skorupska


functions performed in the faculty structures:
Researcher and lecturer

A researcher, lecturer and trainer and language-lover, Kinga Garnette-Skorupska has, for many years, aimed to effectively imbue students and business professionals alike with her passion for language and culture (particularly north American). Her bilingualism has allowed her to realise her educational mission through TED, to which she has been a committed supporter of many years standing; her support includes coordinating work for the organization’s global project to translate TED talks, and (more directly) in the professional preparation of would-be TED speakers from around the world. Thanks to her varied and wide experience and perspectives, Garnette-Skorupska has aimed to realise her passion for research in the widest possible way. She is currently working on her doctorate at the Faculty of IT at PJAIT, where she is researching various issues pertaining to social informatics and the creation of modern interfaces, human-machine interaction, artificial intelligence, machine learning and crowdsourcing. In her free time, she enjoys programming, supporting human and machine translation, and curling. She is passionate about the arts, especially contemporary Japanese pop culture