Ewa Bobrowska


functions performed in the faculty structures:

A Doctor of Philosophy, artist and art theoretician, Dr Ewa Bobrowska is a lecturer and assistant to Prof. Krzysztof Wodiczko. Her scope of interest is in contemporary philosophy, aesthetics and modern art. She is the author of “Paratheory. The Californian School of Irvine (2013)”. Dr Bobrowska has held scholarships from the University of Irvine (2014,2015) and is a member of the Polish Aesthetics Society and the Athens Institute for Education and Research; she also sits on the editorial board of the Athens Journal of Humanities and Arts. Dr Bobrowska is the director of New Humanities research grant for research undertaken at the University of California. Her articles have appeared in a number of publications: Przegląd Filozoficzno-Literacki; Przegląd Humanistyczny; Sztuka i Filozofia; Dyskurs; International Journal of Arts and Sciences; Sociology Study; Journal of Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture; Annals of the University of Bucharest; and in several joint publications on the topic of contemporary aesthetics. Dr Bobrowska has participated in international conferences in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Greece. Exhibitions of Ewa Bobrowska’s paintings, video works and installations have featured at a number of philosophy conferences: The 4th Derrida Today Conference, Fordham University, New York, 2014; Arta Ca Experienta — Experienta Ca Arta, University of Bucharest, 2014; The 3rd Derrida Today Conference, University of California, Irvine, 2012; The Limits of the Word and Picture in the Thought of Lyotard and Levinas, The Centre for Contemporary Art at Zamek Ujazdowski, Warsaw, 2010; the VIII Polish Philosophical Convention. Bobrowska’s paintings can be found in the private collection of Francisco J. Ayala in the United States