Cumulus Green 2020 competition – submission

Cumulus welcomes submissions to the Cumulus Green 2020 competition!

Please kindly promote the competition among the students of your school.

You may use the promotional banners we prepared available at

or by e-mail from

In a nutshell about the competition:

– Design for regeneration. Design for people, planet and prosperity. Cumulus Green 2020: For a New Circular Economy calls on all Cumulus students to submit their best work to help us achieve SDG 12 and foster a circular economy.

– Three submission categories: Products, Services, Systems.

– Judging criteria: Desirable, viable and feasible design(s), Evidence of a rigorous research process informing the design solution proposed, Innovative/novel solutions

– 10,000 EUR prize pool

– Endorsed by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with an international jury from academia and practice.

– Submission deadline: January 31, 2020.

The number of entries per school is not limited, but we encourage the schools to pre-select the submissions in their best interest.

Please deliver the following guidelines to the interested students:

Dear Cumulus Green 2020 participants, in order to submit your idea

– leave your contact info for Cumulus through the following form

– write down your school’s ID code PJWSTKPLGreen2020

– sign up to the jovoto platform (link will be available at,

and submit your entry.

Should you have any further questions, please check the competition website or contact us!


Cumulus Association